Home Sweet Home

The party reassembled in town after taking some time to themselves for training and other nefarious things. Still weighed down by their guilt over the destruction of Red Hook and several hundred pounds of silver they sought to ratify the deed to Furlocs land and take full ownership of it. They were then quickly distracted by another of Furlocs possessions, a magical deed to a manor. Chaos ensued as the party fought over where to summon the door to the inter dimensional manor described within the deed. After much bloodshed, it was summoned on a tree just outside of town. The party cautiously barged into the manor to discover a dilapidated entry hall with what can only be described as a house elf sleeping near the fire and a barricade blocking off the rest of the manor. Upon violently rousing the house elf he recognized his new masters and was given the name of Dobby. He explained the mysterious fate of his previous master, a paladin who had gone mad experimenting on his prisoner and on necromancy in an attempt to turn evil against itself. As the party journeyed throughout the manor they encountered many skeletons of which to dispose and even a massive flesh golem. Luckily for the party, probably, the flesh golem was rendered incapacitated and not totally destroyed just in case they need a flesh golem in the future for…reasons. Upon discovering an altar deep within the manor the party began to fight with a mysterious pond when suddenly (as indicated by the bright and ominous candle timer in the room) a portal to another dimension opened and the corrupted paladin reappeared. After a brutal fight wherein the paladin could not summon minions due to lack of personal space, he was felled and the party proceeded to steal all his stuff. The manor now cleansed it repaired itself and could now house the adventurers things as well as provide food and even a healing spring. Also someone thought it would be a good idea to tame a wild mimic that was living in the manor, so there that too. Watch your feet and make sure you don’t leave anything valuable lying around on the floor.


lukecartner antypdet

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