Welcome to the Corrupted Marches

Based on the west marches. and the Rollplay Hack of West Marches
This world, much like characters are shaped by their first few levels, was shaped by the first few sessions and the first adventurers total party killed.

The corrupted marches is the battle ground of chaos versus order.
Where good and evil are more of a matter of point of view that absolute value.
The land is scared by magic pollution, dark gods, hierarchical cults, Necrotic organisations, twisted Sidhe (Shee-Eire), the order of Knights named the Chaos Guards, the monks the brothers of final enlightenment and the land’s Baron who is trying to save his blighted kingdom.

GM pledge

My general outlook as DM

This is a game and we are all players telling the story collaboratively. As the DM, I am the initial instigator and final adjudicator, which makes it easy to see me as the boss or expect I will own the D&D experience. However, I expect everyone to participate equally with me and guide the story through their actions.

As DM, what is my objective?

As DM I am bound by the internal consistency of the world. My objective is to drive the narrative causality of the world. My objective is never to kill the player characters, and I will generally avoid unnecessary deaths, but I will not provide a Deus ex Machina moment to save foolhardy adventurers from the consequences of their bad decisions or unlucky dice rolls. Doing so would feel like I was cheating and I believe it would rob both myself and the players of any real sense of acheivement if I was to do so.

My objective is to advance the narrative causality, so I will work to restrict myself and the players to keep the world internally consistent, to my best ability.

I will also do my best to answer questions for players and keep them reasonably informed of their surroundings.

What I want from you the player

Let me know want you want to get out of play.
If you want to dungeon crawl, have war game battles, have roleplay-heavy sessions, or my favorite – invoke chaos and let the die fall where they may – just say so. I understand doing so on the night is hard, so feel free to tell me in advance.

Ask questions. Though I will do my best, sometimes I forget to describe every detail, or don’t emphasize things that are important to characters. If in doubt, ask.

Please share information about your character.
I propose this: create your character on this site and link it on this page.
Provide all the technical details, the IC character details that are relevant to play and an OOC section which describes as a player you want from play.

If you do this I will attempt to support it in the session.

How I run the adventures

I will attempt to seed the adventuring experience and resolve issues of play, however I won’t and can’t manage all aspects of play. It is the players’ job to figure out why they are motivated to be adventurers, behave a certain way or even to become a group.

There are times where the world we have built has trapped me. When the characters are acting a certain way, based on what I can think of, the story may take a terminal turn for them. However if the players can suggest a way get out of it by leveraging the “narrative causality” I will let them.

An example of this is when the characters were harvesting the bark from an awakened tree. The challenge rating of the tree was only 1, however the characters were tired and off-guard. As a result, when the tree rolled well, it was destroying the party. The party was saved by Antonio using his druidic magic to calm the tree, mellowing it out. This seemed consistent with the narrative causality.

I will try to say yes but

If you make a claim, I will try to say yes.
This is especially true of characters backgrounds, motivations, gods and actions.
If a player claims something is true, within reason, it is. There may be additional complications, restrictions or details, but it will be true and it will expand the world of the corrupted marches.

Many of the weirder things of the campaign are from this. This means if Aaron wants to be an inquisitor, he is. If Jason want to be a evil warlock cloaked in a glamour which makes him appear as a noble to all who sees him he does.
If Nick wants there to be a strange woman in scarlet bewitching the hearts of men who know nothing else of her, there is.
Or if the party wants to attack a church full of orcs or an english manor, I will let them. Maybe the next group of adventurers will have more of a sense of self-preservation.


The world


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